An update following last Wednesdays tutorial. I presented my first attempt to model the head of the main character in my film; I’m calling him ‘The Pioneer’.

The Pioneer
The Pioneer

I started by using Blenders sculpt and dynamic topology tools to create a new head model over the top and a basic male head imported from Daz3D. I then used CG Cookies re-topology tools to create a simpler mesh – with quads instead of triangular faces – and used a combination of the re-mesh and shrink-wrap modifiers to project the new mesh over the original model.

The changes I’ve made to the head are not purely cosmetic. I’ve tried to base by changes on what an adapted person would need in the cold weather environments on Ganymede: a thicker skin to survive the cold; a general increase in cranial capacity for greater intelligence; jet-black eyes – I’ve observed that all arctic animals have the same black eyes, but can’t find an explanation for it; ears set back into the head to reduce the risk of frost-bite; and epicanthic folds around the eyes, similar to those of native arctic peoples.

However, since preparing this model I’ve become aware of the work of Daniel Lee and his manimals series of paintings. I think these are a better representation of a possible pantropic human – if only because they have hair! – and will keep these in mind when I look at the Pioneer design again.

For the moment, I am putting together a rough first draft of the storyline, and will try and sketch out some of the ideas I’ve had for the various different buildings and vehicles that will be required.

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