I’m a bit behind with my updates! These were produced last week, but only properly pinned up and presented today. I may be being a bit too optimistic in thinking I can produce a project of this scale in a year! In my own mind, I’d always thought of the film as running for approx 10mins. But before I go an further, I need to get a grip on the pacing of the separate scenes.

1) Martian orbit; 2) The failed colony – and reason for Pantropy; 3) Trade support from Earth; 4) Ariel shot of London; 5) The re-productive lab (exterior); 6) The lab (Interior).
7) Zygotes loaded into an injector; 8) The ships lower-levels; 9) The Zygote + Nanotech; 10) A new mind; 11) New bones; 12) New skin.
13) Saline replaces amniotic fluid; 14) Eye turns to black/covered with shade; 15) The encased Pioneer; 16) Education; 17) Testing the probe casing; 18) Scanning.
19) Launch test; 20) Temperature test; 21) Centrifuge test; 22) The orbital launcher; 23) Loading the probes; 24) Launching.
25) Arrival on Ganymede; 26) Hitting the surface; 27) Ariel view of Ganymede Colony; 28) Hole in the ice; 29) View back up to the surface; 30) The ‘inverted’ colony.
31) The Solar Flare; 32) Evacuating Mars; 33) Scorched Mars; 34) Mining the Sky; 35) The Fluidic Ship; 36) Probe integrated for navigation.
37) Going home; 38) The Frozen Earth; 39) The evacuation ship (damaged); 40) View from the escape-pod; 41) On the ice sheet (Naval Hospital thru the ice); 42) Scanning for the ship.
43) Found it!: 44) Back inside the ship; 45) Survivors; 46) Don’t shoot!; 47) Close-up of the Pioneer; 48) Revealed as an Older pioneer.

I’ve been experimenting both with Blenders internal render/video editing suite, and with After Effects, and I think I’ve started to developed a realistic working method that’ll work for me. The Homeworld introductory renders remain a major source of influence for me. If I can produce something approaching that level of detail – perhaps with more ‘real’ 3D elements – I’ll be pleased.

With that in mind, my next step is to create an ‘animatic’. This is a simple animated representation of the entire film. It’ll allow me to figure out how long it’ll take, how shots will progress/transition, what shots I might need to drop etc.


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