Since my last post of Dreadnought II plans I have completed the design of the ships lower decks; I still need to work-up the control tower spaces but hope to get thoses spaces finished in the next few days. I still need to design the corresponding zero-gee interior spaces of the UJW Jupiter – the loading bay, launch tunnel, repair-deck and command deck – after which I can start modelling these in Blender.

The lower sections are the probe loading bay (bottom) and the ‘catch-bags’ / barrier between the test track and the loading bay. The upper half-section is the mechanism used to propel the probes along the test track.
Plan view of the launch mechanism (bottom) and the probe scanner – with an indicative section through the space; I envisage this chamber as cylindrical with circular scanning elements moving back and forth along the long axis. 
Once through the probe-scanner, Ghan will enter the ‘sun-chamber’ (Bottom) where probes are subject to extreme heat/cold. The preceeding chamber is the main assembly bay (top) where a mechancal gantry moves and loads components into the probes.
Cross-section of the assembly bay with the gantry shown; a cross-section (left) and a plan view (below) are also shown. The assembly bay is split into two levels…
…the upper level is dominated by the maturation tanks. In a change from the text of The Human Spectrum, individual tanks are ot identifiable but held in ‘clips’ on racks that can be pull out from the ships hull and individual tanks retrieved. See section below. 
As with the assembly bay the maturation chamber is designed with a gantry that runs along the long-axis of the space designed to fill and retrive tanks from the storage clips. It is re-filled from openings in the ceiling that connect to the control tower above.

The use of full-height banners in the section above lends itself to an uncomfortable comparison with Speers designs for the Nuremberg Stadium, but this fits with the intent behind the design of the laboratories and production line mentality of Dreadnought II. It should also leave the viewer in no doubt that something abhorent has happened here.

A full draft-plan and section of Dreadnought II below deck. From left to right: the engine room; the maturation chamber and assembly bay; the sun chamber; the scanner; test-track and mechanism; catch-bags and transition to loading bay; the launch bays (Ghans point of arrival).

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